Hi everyone!

I’m Isobel, 19, from Auckland, New Zealand studying the Bachelor of Science Advanced (Global Challenges) (Hons) at Monash University in Melbourne.  In a world surrounded with global issues, as a student it can be easy to say you would like to do “something.” But what is this something? And how do we do it?  That is why this blog is titled “Now What?” as hopefully you will get a few tools, and a bit of inspiration so you know what your next step is.

The world passes by

It would be nice to think that some snazzy little scientific solution would solve all our problems, but when it comes down to it, experience has shown us these alone don’t work.  We need support from society and the political drivers.  So everyone in science needs to harness their adaptive leadership and communication skills to convince everyone why they need science.

Oh, and in case you were wondering what that ridiculous mouthful of a degree, Bachelor of Science Advanced (Global Challenges)(Hons) is? Well, here is a quick break down:

  • New degree which began in 2014 at Monash University
  • Same group of 28 students for four years
  • Focus on communication, leadership and entrepreneurship
  • A Science major
  • Units in accounting, economics, contemporary worlds or law
  • Final year project
  • Guest interviews with influential figures
  • Two internships with one funded international internship
  • An inspiring bunch of students
  • Loads of opportunities all over the place

Feel free to have a nosey around the blog, and comment or ask questions.